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From its inception in 2005, UMAM Documentation and Research (UMAM D&R) has striven to put its documentation and archival assets, which include periodicals, publications, written documents, audiovisual materials, and photos relating mainly to Lebanon and its recent history, at the disposal of whoever wishes to use them.

UMAM D&R is grounded in the belief that such assets have a role to play in informing and structuring public debates. Therefore, we conceived the establishment of this platform to give direct access to our physical catalogs, and to some digitized materials, as a necessary part of being a citizen archive.

UMAM Biblio exists in two versions: one in Arabic with Arabic content, and one in English with mainly English, but also some other language content. By nature, UMAM D&R’s archival collections are in continuous expansion, both its physical and digital holdings. Therefore, this platform is an ever-growing and changing project.

This updated edition of UMAM Biblio is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and comes after a first edition was developed with support of the Swiss Embassy in Beirut. This updated edition of UMAM Biblio is dedicated to Lokman Slim, UMAM D&R’s co-founder and co-director who was assassinated in south Lebanon on 3 February 2021. His legacy lives on through our continued work. 

Please see below for further information on the platform and how to access our collections. 

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The UMAM Biblio platform has been developed by Ghina Barbir (website developer) and Carine Zahabi (graphic designer). 

The platform and the archives are in constant development thanks to the diligent work of UMAM D&R team members, notably Ahmad Daher, Ghalia Daher, Hussein Khashab, Ayman Nahle, Stella Peisch, and Moustapha Zreik.

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