A Blood-Dimmed Tide
Dispatches From the Middle East
Amos Elon
A Campus at War
Student Politics at the American University of Beirut 1967-1975
Makram Rabah
A Global Touch
Tibet and South-America
Annette den Ouden
Jean Pierre Migeon & Jean Jolly
Jacques Jouet & Zeina Abirached
Amal and the Shi'a
Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon
Augustus Richard Norton
Amnesty International Report 2008
The State of the World's Human Rights
Amnesty International
Kamal Joumblatt
Anatomie d'une Guerre et d'une Occupation
Evénements du Liban de 1975 à 1978
Un premier dialogue
Saul Friedländer & Mahmoud Hussein
Gebran M. Yacoub
Colonel B.E.M Joseph Georges Bitar
Embassy of Switzerland In Lebanon
دار الجديد